What is ETI doing?

Well, nothing 🙂  My entrepreneurial days are over (at least for the time being). I’ve found a good match with Red Hat Inc. and have been working there for over a year now. This website and the related email addresses, etc will remain but ETI is basically put to bed.

This site has been somewhat “dead” for the entire life of ETI as there was not much I could really talk about without violating confidentiality, etc. From a client’s perspective, it was generally preferable to use sites specific to their projects for what did get written.

Things are a bit different now. At Red Hat, Inc. I’m working on OpenStack and everything is out in the open, allowing me to write about what is going on without dropping trade secrets! Whether or not I use this site and/or hostname is undecided. I’m somewhat attached to the name and the hassle of switching has me leaning towards keeping it. The downside is that it is a foolish name for a personal site. First world problems!